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This is not necessarily a testimonial of our services as much as what our services do. Other FittleBug testimonials below…

As a service provider, have you ever done your own research on what your clients really want from you… This client did by posting this question on the company Facebook page Let’s just say the results seemed to have a lot of adjectives…

Clients want FittleBug Real-time Booking

I always said there are two ways to do business – Slow Dimes and Fast Nickles… FittleBug


Fittlebug Clients




Will Saring of Natural Dry Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas Shares his thoughts on FittleBug



FittleBug Testimonial

Found at the bottom of the Order Notification of a Bold City Carpet Cleaning client in Jacksonville Florida .

Congratulations to John at Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaning in San Francisco on a Spectacular First Two Years… click to view his results.

Two Year REsults


He took the last two winters off leaving just one truck to be run in the winters of Massachusetts by some unlucky soul…

ACC Results

Email from Client Paul H in Canada after his first week of FittleBug. 11-28-2015

Paul owns a Duct Cleaning Company and in his first week of telling people was able to get 18 more clients and about $6500 of additional business booked online with FittleBug…

” I think more companies would definitely be interested in using it. I will mention this to a few of my friends for sure and see if they are interested, but I think you would do well at the duct cleaning conference… I’ll be heading down there myself so feel free to use me as a reference if anyone wants to call me directly… Paul “

Yes Folks – Marketing works! Here is his twitter page…


Info Boxes within FittleBug – people like them & they help sell On and Off line

Email from Client 8/24/2015…


I just though that you would like to know how much Fittle Bug has helped me in Upselling on the job.

I just recently had a client that was skeptical to say the least on adding my “Pet Package upgrade”, after numerous times of trying to explain it to him, I directed him to his laptop I saw sitting on his counter. I said you should go to my website order page while I start setting up and hover each of the blue ? icons, and that will explain each service in detail and any upgraded services along with some videos. When I returned from the van, I was surprised when he said lets go ahead and do it, he said it was easier to read, see pictures to help make him understand. Frankly I think he just thought I was trying to sell him something, and he did not want to hear it. Since then I have used this feature in upselling clients, when they seem skeptical or like they don’t understand, I just direct them to there cell phone or computer, It has saved me time and works great as an up-selling tool.


Earth Pro Clean LLC

9 people ordered online in a 24 hour period for about $1900. A brief Chat with John Stewart on his active day 7/14/2015


Exact Measurements aren’t “Exactly” Most Important to Consumers at Booking

This is an example that it’s OK not not be exact. FittleBug can be adjusted to account for things like this by fluffing the travel time in between jobs – OR using the Info Boxes to assist in clarifying the potential questions.

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John Stewart of Healthy Choice shares why he needed FittleBug…

David Bigi of EarthPro Clean, a new client of FittleBug shared this recent customer thought of having FittleBug Real-Time Scheduling…

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Testimonial of a Consumer Thought

John Stewart, a client of FittleBug brought to my attention the value of having FittleBug Real-Time Scheduling as shared by the thoughts of one of his clients.

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Testimonial of a Client of a Client

This client shares his early success having FittleBug. Sometimes having the courage to change is not considered courage, but business sense.

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Carpet Cleaning Forum Post

See Bill Coulter of Zimp Carpet Cleaning said about us at the 2010 Connections Conference


“Fittlebug is a pretty cool concept, allowing carpet cleaning customers to be in control of when and how they set up their appointments. I’m not aware of any other product in our industry like this, although we do see them in other industries.”

“I met Steve at Connections in Vegas and was a bit skeptical of his FittleBug program, which he referred to often as “future-based marketing”. I thought it was some type of form to be added to websites for people to request information or perhaps set up an appointment, but discovered it was much more than that. Fittlebug is a pretty cool concept, allowing carpet cleaning customers to be in control of when and how they set up their appointments. I’m not aware of any other product in our industry like this, although we do see them in other industries.”

Jeff Cross – The Cleaning Professor

We were one of FittleBug’s first customers. We have a lot of customers who are in the high tech industry and they wanted to be able to book online. To have a true online booking experience seemed like a daunting task. Fittlebug was exhibiting at Connections and we found that their program took the daunting out of the task. Our customers now have a true online booking experience and our business has been growing ever since.

Bill Coulter – Seattle

WOW! Over 3000% return on investment in less than 30 days with FittleBug’s online scheduling program! FittleBug booked 31 jobs worth over $6400 in 21 days; these jobs accounted for 30% of our business during that time… FittleBug is the best investment I have ever made. Here’s our first month…

Fittlebug is the best investment I have ever made. Steve Mastio was very patient and helpful during the setup process; even going above and beyond my expectations in helping me. He always kept his cool even when I unknowingly created “Bugs” in the system during set-up. He also took my suggestions on how to make the program better.

Fittlebug integrates very well with Service Monster. QuickBooks, Service Monster, FittleBug, and Square and/or PayPal are all Must Haves if your want to turn your “job” into a Business.

John Stewart- Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaner

I may not be one to brag on how much this new Fittlebug program has brought to my company yet, but I have now moved my company leaps and bounds closer to today’s audience and their desire to control their shopping and scheduling and know the cost of services before they commit to a project.

We have had a couple dozen jobs booked from the service so far this first month and just having this technology is making my website more and more important and pushing me more to know more about what is happening with my website and information.

Love how the program syncs with Service Monster software and all that can be done to manage your company thru that programs. Especially how they seamlessly sync back and forth between the two programs.

Steve Mastio is a genius and ALWAYS available to take your phone call, and/or help you any way he can.

Thanks FittleBug for moving me into the 21st century!

Blake McCormick
Made New Again, LLC

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