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Plans & Pricing

The License cost should not be the problem – It is the SOLUTION! 

Where can you hire someone that will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, tell interested consumers what you do, what it costs, how long it takes, process an order, record that order, follow up with an email confirmation, never complain about a raise or health care and work for $200 a month! BOTH CONTRACTS ARE MONTH TO MONTH – NO ANNUAL CONTRACTS!

FittleBug’s Two Pricing Models
Plan APlan B
Installation Setup and Support $200 (one-time) Installation Setup and Support $200 (one-time)
 Monthly licensing cost – $200 Monthly licensing cost – $50
 No Per transaction fee Fee per transaction – 15% (taken from the consumer down payment)
 Free hands-on Personal Training Free hands-on Personal Training
 Free Email and Chat Support Free Email and Chat Support
 Free Phone Support Free Phone Support
 Ability to change to Plan B license with a $100 one time model transfer fee (once a calendar year) Ability to change to the original Plan (A) fixed $200 a month, license with a $100 one time model transfer fee (once a calendar year)
 Stripe (which we recommend) PayPal “Pro or Advanced” Stripe (which we recommend) PayPal “Pro or Advanced”

For most clients the investment in FittleBug is recouped in 1-2 booking per month. Start EMPOWERING YOUR CLIENTS AND YOUR TIME NOW WITH FITTLEBUG!

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585 FittleBug Jobs/Year = $136K/Year
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