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Brand NEW Promotional Empowerment Tools and Tiered Quantity Discounting Feature – 3/28/2019

Now you can be more creative with your promotions. Whether you want to create a promotional discount around everything, one item or even a service like “per urine treatment” you can. You can also create Tiered Sub-Total Quantity discounts; but as always the consumer can only utilize ONE discount per order. The video is 15 minutes, but well worth the view to understand the Power of FittleBug Promotions.



New Enhanced Feature added to Google Calendar

As many are aware we are one of the only options on the market for two-way syncing of data between Google Calendar and your CMS program. As of 12/9/18 we just made an enhancement that we hope you like. Prior the information placed in the text box of a GCAL entry would get overwritten when the data from the FittleBug API would come over. Some clients used to place data in the GCAL text are such as location and or notes on the booking. Some even use it as a Quasi CMS program. An issue would occur when clients would want to use our Distance Deny or Incentive features – the data in their GCAL text area would get over-written. Fixed. Now clients can utilize both GCAL Text area and Distance Incentive or Deny features without deletion of any data – if they post above the line….

Onlin Scheduling Platforms Help HVAC Contractors Customize Customer Care…

Trends in Technology” by Jeff Cross Sr. Editor
ISSA/Cleanfax Magazine, April 2018

Read what the leading Association (ISSA) and Expert (Jeff Cross) in the Cleaning World think about the approach of Real-Time Booking as was built by FittleBug.

You wanted it – we built it!   So Use it!

Set the miles between EVERY appointment location on the books so others seeking available time won’t have you zig-zagging around town farther than you want!

FittleBug’s creator Steve Mastio interviewed with others in December 2015 CleanFax Magazine article…

CleanFax Article Interview with Steve Mastio


It’s more than Booking in Real-Time, it’s Marketing Automatically!

Automated Email Notifications – Set ’em & Forget ’em

Now you don’t have to worry about merging your clients with outside Email Marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact…with the new version of FittleBug it’s as easy as set ’em & forget ’em.

  • Want to customize your own Booking Notifications, Personal Thank-You emails, Appointment Reminders, Holiday Specials…. DONE!
  • Want these emails to fire out 24/7 based on triggered events like 24 hours prior to each appointment or 9 months after one… DONE!
  • Want to personalize each one with first, last or full name; appointment date, job start time, order details like date, time and services chosen…DONE!
  • Do you already have template emails in other programs? In seconds they can be imported in to the FittleBug Automated email program… DONE!

Notifications Example

Assign Any Category to a Truck/Person

  • Do you service a certain item that can only be performed by certain trucks or people because of equipment or skill set needed and you only want to allow consumers to view and choose those trucks/people’s time… DONE!

Assign Category to Provider Example

Point of Choice Information Assistance

We’ve all done it – we get ready to chose something online and wonder if we are choosing the correct thing. Confusion causes Resistance!

  • Want the ability to give the consumer more information at the exact time they are trying to evaluate their choices, without making them open more browsers… DONE!
  • Want to present an image of the choices so they can see differences… DONE!
  • Want them to be reminder of things that are on your company website… DONE!
  • Embed a video to really make it easy to understand… DONE!

Information Setup Example
Information Video Pop Up Example
Information Image Pop Up Example
Information Pop Up – HTML
Mobile Ready with Adaptive Technology

  • Do you have a lot of clients that use iPhones, Android Phones, or Tablets… Done!

Take a look on your phone by typing in:

On the Administration Side of FittleBug…

  • We have redesigned the scheduling layout for even better consumer usability and allowing the calendar to load even faster… DONE!
  • We now have the ability to Create and then Hide Categories/Subcategories… Why you say… Now you can create Promotions tied to saved quotes and hidden items. For Example, by creating a subcategory called: “Promo:Upholstery-Free Deodorizer” , you can hide this from all consumers viewing , yet just give the Promo code to those you want. They will see the Free promotion when they put in the Promo Code… Done!

Hidden Category/Subcategory Example


FittleBug instantly syncs calendars with ServiceMonster, reducing administration time, cost and frustration of double entry.

Both Steve Mastio (maker of FittleBug) and Joe Kowalski (maker of ServiceMonster) strive to bring empowering products to the carpet cleaning industry. With the latest version of FittleBug consumers can book you online and NOW all the information flows immediately into your ServiceMonster software. Don’t worry about having to update both calendars. If you need to change the time or date of an appointment in ServiceMonster, it automatically updates your online calendar of availability to the consumers on FittleBug. If you don’t have or need Service Monster, just keep track of your appointments with the FittleBug calendar.

Think how nice it would be to just clean and not worry about administration scheduling.

Click to Zoom

The FittleBug calendar is ALWAYS in sync with your internal ServiceMonster Calendar, so there is no chance for double booking or need for double entry.

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Quick Readers Digest Version (13 mins)


FittleBug Features

  • Empower your Customers to Schedule &
    Self-checkout / Pay online
  • Cut costs of hiring an employee to answer the phone for you
  • Allow Your customers the convenience to BOOK ANYTIME
  • and Many More..


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585 FittleBug Jobs/Year = $136K/Year
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