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What is FittleBug?

FittleBug is a Real-Time Scheduling tool that allows businesses to be able to marketing themselves and their services 24 hours a day and book consumers service request around the clock, much like hotel booking or airline scheduling. It’s a One-Click Social media referral tracking tool. Consumers can Book you and Be Done in one session. No more telephone tag or email tag. Here’s how one client puts it:

60 sec video

What Industries can use FittleBug?

We designed FittleBug to be flexible and extensible in its design and implementation. FB is for any industry looking to allow 24/7 booking of their services that can answer the following questions:

  • Do you know where your services come from? (zip codes, etc)
  • Do you want to market to consumers 24/7?
  • Do you know what each service items cost and how long it takes?
  • Do you believe that consumers are migrating to the internet to secure services?

Do I have to be an Internet Geek to have FittleBug?

NO! It’s all Menu driven…


What does FittleBug cost and for how long is the contract?

What kind of training and support is provided?

We provide Initial training and ongoing email and phone support. We also provide video snippets on most aspects of the administration functionality. We offer numerous model to chose from which makes it easier to initially get up and running quickly. You can add to or delete aspects of a chosen model to reflect your company. Remember – you control almost everything related to how you want it displayed to the consumer.

Where can I see how FittleBug works?

You can test out FittleBug by clicking here or the tab at the top of the page called “FittleBug Demo”. NOTE: to enter the program please read and follow the instruction at the top of the demo page. Any questions call 630-444-2000.

Where does FittleBug reside… do I have to host it?

No… we host the application for you and support it’s upgrades on our end. The software can brand the look and feel of the application to look like your company’s website with the same banner, logo’s and color schemes.

Why would I want to put my Pricing on-line and let people Book themselves?

My standard answer is “Because you Can”. Don’t think consumers don’t want it, because they do!

Quick Readers Digest Version (13 mins)


FittleBug Features

  • Empower your Customers to Schedule &
    Self-checkout / Pay online
  • Cut costs of hiring an employee to answer the phone for you
  • Allow Your customers the convenience to BOOK ANYTIME
  • and Many More..


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