OK, I know! Most of you have never heard of Quick Draw McGraw. Quick Draw McGraw is a fictional anthropomorphic horse and the protagonist and title character of The Quick Draw McGraw Show that came to TV in 1959. He was know to be the fastest gun slinger cartoon horse there was at the time. So where am I going with this…

Flash Forward  to the year 2021… The Internet has taken over marketing for the average business and sites like YELP, ANGI, HOME ADVISOR and other aggregators pit you against your competition and tell consumers of the world – “Let the fastest WIN!!!” .  This right off the bat puts OO’s (Owner Operators) at a distinct disadvantage. Because most are small and don’t have a large staff of people to answer Yelp, Angi or Home Advisor requests quickly in an effort to reach the consumers request first. Thus they often find themselves to be a 2nd, 3rd or 4th responder to the consumers request for information. Often finding themselves shut out from the opportunity.

Here’s how you can beat them all to the punch and get your company in front of them FIRST!

Most aggregators like Yelp have an auto-reply feature. This allows a text and/or email to be sent immediately upon the request from the consumer. You can say whatever you want in this auto-reply. Most say stuff like, here is our phone number or website, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Yelp even tells them how responsive the businesses are in getting back down the minute.  Today I was speaking with a client named Dan in California and he shared with me his approach to the problem of getting back first. It’s very simple and EVERYONE should be doing it…

Tell them right up front that they can get an estimate and book themselves all based on exactly what they want done and  availability to do it. Dan places a link to his FittleBug Real-Time Booking tool in his auto-reply and tells consumers to just click it and be booked. BAM! DONE! While others around 5-10 minutes later are getting ready to call, Dan already has a booked client. See Below…


                                 Instant Reply from Yelp                                                                                                                              Yelps Message Area

fittlebug value     


I have always said to new clients of FittleBug, “You don’t necessarily have to spend more money to market, just change your message and let them know that they can book themselves” In this case smarter is faster and faster puts you ahead of the competition… and on par with Fast Draw McGraw! YEE HAW  630-444-2000


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